Welcome To Online Race Entry

If you're a race organiser and are looking for a race entry system to allow you to take entry payments online then you have come to the right place.

We offer low fees so that you can maximise your income.

Our entry process is streamlined so that your entrants aren't put off at the entry stage.

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How does it work?

  1. Add details about your event
  2. Publicise your event page using social media or via your own website.
  3. Entrants sign up to your event and pay securely online
  4. You can view and download all your entrant details at any time

Sounds simple, it is, but there are many additional options allowing you to gather the information you need specific to your race.

Best of all you don't have to pay anything to give it a try, we charge a booking fee when entrants sign up, you can choose to absorb the booking fee into your prices or visibly pass it on to the entrants.

Ready to get give it a try?

Set Up My Race


  • Accept online payments for entries
  • Manage all your entrants online - Even the ones that send you entries through the post.
  • Download your entries into a spreadsheet ready into import into your event software
  • Individual or Team entries
  • Waiting lists when the race is full
  • Entrants can transfer their places themselves reducing your work load.


We charge a fee for each entry you get, you can choose to absorb this fee into your entry price or pass it on to the entrant.

The fee is collected when the entrant pays for their entry, so you'll have no invoices to pay.

There are no hidden fees - so you wont be charged anything additional from Stripe our payment provider.

The Fee

4% of entry price + 20p

Minimum fee £0.60

E.g. For a £15 entry price

If you choose to absorb the fee the entrant will be charged £15, our fee will be £0.80 and you'll receive £14.20

If you choose to pass on the fee the entrant will be charged £15.80 including our fee of £0.80 and you'll receive £15